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Thursday, January 8, 2015

The Party if Over for Now!

The holidays can surely be stressful for me!  How about you?  I love to decorate and when I do the house looks beautiful. Yet, I must begin the process much earlier.  I've already begun to plan for next year.

1st I've purchased gifts 'on sale'!  I am taking a picture of each gift and then wrapping each gift with beautiful gift tag attached and an actual photograph!  Over the coming months I will continue to do the same.  My problem is that a the Christmas season gets closer, I see other items I would like to purchase and then the budget goes out through the window.  I must make a goal of not doing this!

We have a dilapidated old green house in our lovely back yard  This winter and spring, my husband and I will be searching for ideas and reclaimed vintage wood and windows to make it into my own gathering place for friend to knit, craft, spin, quilt and whatever one's heart delights.  I love gathering friends into my home!  I'll keep you updated with the progress.

Our son now lives in Brooklyn, NYC and so we hope to visit for at least 1 month (me up to 2 months).  My goal is to collect, collect and collect some more for a fantastic pre-holiday invite to our new garden cottage to see what real New England antiques look like!  This will give the spouse and I a similar interest with a chance to visit our favorite haunts, as we use to live in New Jersey, Cape Cod, Massachusetts (I know, how amazing is that!) and Virginia.  When the Grayland beach property sells a house will be rented on Cape Cod for the 'home base' for the summer!  This is number 1 on my bucket list!
Stay tuned for plans and photos. 

Have had 50+ calls on the beautiful property which is only 2 blocks from the ocean, with no offers.  We are selling at a complete loss.  Call us if you are interested as it will go, on the market, within the next month with a realtor, thus making it more expensive.  Clamming, crabbing, fishing, RVing or using the small cabin make this 1/2 acre lot a dream experience!

Happy New Year to all!
Your happy friend!