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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Sunny Florida!

I'm luxuriating in my own simple way next to a pool in sunny Orlando, Florida!  I might add that I'm actually beginning to relax.  With the days leading up to traveling here I was a mess in trying to get my substitute teacher plans ready as well as close up the house, pack the dogs and listen to my mom fret and worry about carrying for them.  Next time to the kennel they go.  It will cause so much less worry for my elderly mom and give us less to worry about on our end.  Please, keep me to this personal promise!

Out for the evening to Downtown Disney.  How different it is than 11 years ago when we took both our kids at 17 years and 11 years old.  We had such a magical time then!  This will be just as magical as I can see that it is good to get away with someone you care for to remind yourself that you really do!

Taken some great snaps, but didn't bring the cable to put them here.  Darn.  
Met one other knitter by the pool today.  She is knitting from (cheap) ugh, acrylic.  Well, it's a baby sweater and will be easy to care for.  

I'm  switching from the ginko leaves from Jazz Knitting and the bias scarf from a Churchmouse pattern.  I added beads, but they are too close to the color of the scarf.  I'm knitting it in a deep pink linen from Euroflax.  The pattern is so easy that it will be a great project for the car or plane and with me even while watching television!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Fall Adventures

Fall is definitely in the air in the Pacific Northwest and the Adventures Fall Retreat is fast approaching.

We'll be at Seabrook again this year in a much larger home.  So far we have about 12 women attending.  Many are knitters and others are choosing to quilt, bead or just read.  The home is amazingly beautiful and should provide a warm and friendly place for us to chat, laugh and enjoy the weekend with each other!

I think I'll schedule a spring retreat for the same number of attendees or fewer.  I've already talked with the owners for the Sou'wester in Long Beach, WA.  They are so excited to host us!  We'll stay in the lodge or very vintage trailers!  Fun!  Lookin' toward the end of April or the 1st weekend in May.

I've hired a friend to cook us gourmet meals at Seabrook.  If she likes the fall let's hope she'll join us for the spring retreat.

Tho' first comes the  December Adventure.  This must be at least the 11th year I've done it.  We'll go to Portland this year instead of Seattle.  Love Seattle, but am anxious to explore the haunts of the Portland area.  Already have some great venues to visit and surprises for everyone.  Again, I'll rent a van to transport everyone.  I'd love to get a 'bus', but the prices are so cost prohibitive.

On another note, I've given up selling Thirty-One.  What a relief!  I loved it and love the products, but just am feeling the pain of doing too much and love the Adventures so much more.  Had to choose and the Adventures won!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Thirty-One Bag Addiction

I have always adored bags! I can carry so many of my 'projects' in any of a number of bags, thus selling them is a dream come true! If you haven't heard of Thirty-One check it out at I love how organized I have the potential to be! Of course meeting all kinds of wonderful women is an added bonus. We needed a little extra $$ to assist our son with college tuition. Turns out we just didn't save enough! Rule of thumb....start early!

Recently went to Columbus, Ohio to the national convention after only just signing up to sell the bags. Crazy and fun! I was so lonely to begin with and then found a group from Ohio to adopt me. What fun gals they were. Many thanks to Karen and Heidi and their friends for making my stay a memorable and not so lonely one.

Throughout my life I have chosen to attend events or try new adventures out on my own. I am a loner and a joiner all at the same time! I don't usually feel out of place, but on the first day in Columbus I was feeling sorry for myself and lonely because I didn't know anyone. Thus, the big THANKS to the Ohio team for making me feel right at home.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

They're Back!

Oh my.  My husband has taken 2 weeks off, our daughter (26) has moved back home, and our son (20) is home from his summer internship with Hollywood actors and directors!  I adore my family, but I am having a tough time not acting as the director of this new scene!

I read recently about learning to take the steering wheel out of your childrens' backs.  This came from Sue Monk Kid in her autobiography, "The Dissident Daughter".  I thought it brilliant when I read it and was sure I could do this.  Not so easy though.  My son is 20 and considers himself a city boy now, with our lovely home town a boring place to live.  He goes back and forth from being my sweet, caring son to a young man trying to break away from his mother and spend every cent he earns before it hits his pocket!  Aargh!  He has great moral character, but I worry less when he is away from home and I don't know too much.  Do you know what I mean?  Whereas my daughter is home for a couple of months before she moves to the big city to be with her lovely boyfriend.  It was never easy with her, but at 26 I can let go and know she is making mostly healthy choices for her life.  She is safe.  Isn't that what it is all about?  Fear.  We want to know they are safe and me, being a control freak, am more fearful when I realize my son is riding a 'fixy' bike (one speed, no brakes) through the streets of Seattle, at all hours of the night, and going to who knows what kind of music events, enjoying the urban areas of the young indie types, and not telling his mother everything that goes on! ...Way easier not to know too much In my heart I realize he has been raised well and has good moral character.  I remember that every once in a while I catch a glimpse of my little boy and look forward to seeing him again.

Reminder to self:  I have control of myself, not anyone or anything else.  I can only change me.  Life is actually amazing and good.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Today is a Good Day

The sun is beginning to come out and that is always hopeful.  I am looking down on my garden and appreciating all I have even though there is so much to keep up and work on when you own a home with a large garden, mostly flowers, but also vegies.  The weeds are thicker than normal as I am making more time to knit.  Knitting is my passion and my solace.
I wonder, often, how people exist without passions in their lives for participating in 'hands-on' activities.  Wendy Bernard recently contemplated this in one of her  posts. Which got me to thinking about the people I know who have nothing to do besides go to work with the chores and the drudgery of each day.   I can never be bored when I have a good book and my knitting with me.
I love to garden and to read, but my knitting goes with me everywhere!  Having my knitting with me is like a child with a security blanket.  I will never be caught in a situation where I may find myself bored or lonely.  Knitting must be my best friend, well my dog too since she sits at my feet while I knit!
In fact the first question I usually ask when meeting someone new is "do you knit?".  Not only is it an icebreaker, but I meet fascinating people who often become new friends.
On another note, knitting is teaching me patience.  I have torn out and reworked the Liesel pattern multiple times and have found that I am not frustrated over it.  This is definitely a new trait for me.  I am taking it in stride and know I should be done, with some adjustments by tomorrow.  I fully intend to knit another one in a putty color.  Having worked out my issues throughout the 1st tunic I should be able to feel fabulous about my second attempt and look forward to the speed I will be able to whip this next baby out!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

New to Me

July 20, 2010
This should be a unique experience. Maybe by blogging I'll learn to enter the 21st century and the use of technology. I love to read other people's blogs, so why not my own!

This is the 4th week of my summer vacation and I am finally feeling relaxed! The Lisel tunic that I've torn our twice (due to dye lot problems) is nearly complete and I am anxious to start knitting up another one. I love Coco Knits! I always knit too many things at once, but I have the yarn to begin Coco's Sabine in some mohair (ugh - I know). I've seen it made up and it has an ethereal beauty to it - with mohair it seems to float on the wearer's body. Not to say that will be so on mine! Yet, I'll give it a try. The only other time I tried mohair was with a lace pattern that nearly drove me insane. I finally just gave up.